Entry Forms

Applications for AFYM 2019 are now OPEN

Deadline: 31st October 2018

Woodwind, Saxophone & All instruments application form
Piano, strings & schools application form

BBC Now workshops application form


  1. Please send a stamped addressed envelope so that we can acknowledge receipt of your entry.
  2. If you send a SAE for a receipt but have not received it within two weeks after mailing your entry, telephone the Entry Secretary. We will not send a receipt unless we receive a stamped addressed envelope from you.
  3. Notification slips will be sent in December.

The AFYM cannot be held responsible for entries mislaid by the Post Office.

Before your send your entry forms, have you….

  • Completed the correct form for the class?
  • Addressed it to the correct entries secretary
  • Completed every column on the form (the form is invalid if a column is left blank)
  • Enclosed your cheque, payable to the Abertawe Festival for Young Musicians DO NOT SEND CASH BY POST
  • Enclosed a small SAE for your receipt of entry
  • Enclosed a second SAE (large) for your timetable

By downloading these documents you are confirming that you have read and understood the rules and regulations that apply to entering into this festival

Late Entries will be returned to sender


How did you hear about the AFYM?



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