Becoming a Patron

Our Patrons, listed here, are unsung heroes. They do receive a free programme for the Festival, but we know that their motives for becoming patrons are much more altruistic. They want to support the Festival and the work we are doing for young musicians in the area. Why not join us? For as little as £15 a year per person you can share in this generous act of support. Contact our Treasurer and Patrons’ Secretary, Diane Workman on to find out more.


David Attwell  | Phyll Barclay | Mr & Mrs J Beach | Valerie Beynon | Ann Brown | S Brachflower | M Caruana | Yvonne Chatterton | Haydn Craven | Mr & Mrs T.J Daniel  | Lee Davies | Pat & Noel Davies | Mr S and Dr M Davies | Mrs M Denholm | Mrs Maureen Donald | Mavis Downey | David & Catherine Evans | CP & HMP Fielder | Anne Gagen | A George | BI Gill |  Jill & Roland Govier | Mrs S Gittoes | Sian Harris | Pil & Kath Harrowing |  Steve & Sarach Harrowing  |  Ann Harry  |  Martin & Eva Heartley |  Penny Henderson | Mrs Delyth Holland | Rory & Meinir Hutchings | Mrs Olive Jackson | Mrs Heather James  |  Mr Geraint Jeffreys | Alayn Jenkins | Mrs Jan Jenkins | Dr Mason Jepsen | P John | Haulwen Jones | Dr DH & Mrs SJ Jones | Ruth & Keith Jones | Mrs M Joynson | Dr Robert & Mrs Jacqueling King | Mr Noel and Mrs Elizabeth Lewis | Mr John Llewellyn | B McIntee | R & K Millard | I & J Milne | Alderman H Morgan | Branwen Munn | Lilian Morgan | JM Nielson | Sarah Noel | Wendy Noel | Mr & Mrs A Olsen |   Caroline Palmer | Mrs J Palmer | John Phillipps | Mr John Phillipps | Rt. Rev Anthony Pierce |  Mr and Mrs E Place | Daniela Revayova Wayne Richards| Barbara Roberts | GB Roberts | Martin & Betsan Rolles | Mrs Emma Shakeshaft | J Sherrard-Smith | Lucy Slane | Fran Thomas | Mary Thomas | Mr & Mrs M Turbervill | Mr & Mrs H Wigettet | R Wigley | Sian Wynn


Kieran has thoroughly enjoyed his experience both competing and playing with the AYFM and is looking forward to next year already! Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. Many congratulations on a very successful concert and long may it continue.

The Davies Family

The AFYM played an absolutely integral part in my musical development; the performance experience and wise council that I received during my many years of attending the festival have been invaluable. Each year the AFYM team achieves a rare and wonderful feat creating an environment which strives for the highest artistic standards but in a warm and nurturing way.

Anne Denholm