AFYM Instrument Bank

The AFYM has a number of instruments for loan to AFYM performers, FREE of charge. At present the following instruments are available:

  • A good quality flute
  • A wooden, Boosey and Hawkes clarinet
  • Several violins suitable for players up to Grade 5
  • A German classical guitar, originally from Cranes in Cardiff
  • A good acoustic mandolin that can also be plugged into guitar amp

All the above instruments come in good quality cases, and there are spare strings for the violins. There are conditions to be met on borrowing the Instrument: it is to be kept in good condition, to be insured, and the borrower is requested to perform in the AFYM each year that s/he has the Instrument on loan.

Should you wish to borrow an instrument please make contact with a member of the committee, in person or via the website Contact Page